Al Kraus – Realtree Pro Staff

Rapid City, South Dakota

I have been very blessed with the opportunity to chase giant whitetails all over North America. One place that I always include on my whitetail schedule is in the northeast corner of South Dakota. This is a guaranteed tag and the place is a giant droptine factory!!!! food in every direction with great cover to allow them to grow BIG and OLD. Michael and the guys at South Dakota Archery Outfitters turned this place into a bowhunting only paradise with little to no pressure hunting environment. I have never hunted with Michael and the guys and not seen a giant over 170. They will always have trail camera photos of the bucks you will be hunting, so the long hours on stand fly by with anticipation. If you are truly serious about bowhunting for a giant whitetail deer give Michael a call.


Dave Rorem

International Falls, Minnesota

I have had the opportunity to bow hunt Whitetails all over the Midwest and Canada. I have enjoyed hunting with Mike Helm at South Dakota Archery Outfitters as much as any area that I have bow hunted. The terrain and habitat are perfect for good quality whitetails. The stands were well placed and on the first day of my hunt, I saw and almost had a shot at a 180 class 6 x 5 typical. The next evening in a different area I shot my best bow kill to date, a 171 inch 5 x 5 typical. Seeing two great Whitetails on one hunt is certainly a credit to the quality that this area has and how well it is managed!

South Dakota Archery Outfitters offers good quality hunting with very comfortable accommodations and that is hard to beat!


Rich Traxinger

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

I would like to pass along my thanks to South Dakota Archery Outfitters! Having bowhunted for over thirty years and taken many nice deer, I had never killed a 160 class buck. That was made possible during my hunt last fall with Mike Helm. This is my second book buck taken in South Dakota.

I am from Wisconsin and am accustomed to seeing nice bucks, but I can truly say that the number of quality bucks on Mike’s property is awesome. The buck to doe ratio was amazing to see. I saw and passed on a couple shooter bucks which would have met Mike’s minimum of 135. I can’t say that has ever happened to me on any hunt. I saw a lot of different bucks each day. I’ve always wanted to see a buck breed a doe while hunting, it actually happened twice while out there! It was very cool.

Hunting very low-pressured deer is not something I am used to, and I found it interesting how the deer reacted to human presence. Most deer I hunt spook if they come across your path, but I didn’t see that ever happen on my hunt. I was bow hunting during the South Dakota gun season, and killed my buck on day four. I saw deer move at all hours of the day, with most activity in the evenings and mornings, which you’d expect. I like to sit all day, and the most gun hunters I saw were opening morning. Total number of hunters was three! Low pressured deer is what you will be hunting.

I would not hesitate to book another hunt with South Dakota Archery Outfitters. I will never forget that hunt and look forward to hunting with Mike Helm again. The buck I was fortunate enough to kill was not the biggest deer on his property last year, so I’ll be back!! See you soon.

Dean Smid

Norfolk, Nebraska

I was born and raised in South Dakota, have bow hunted for the last 38 years and now have had the opportunity to hunt Northeast South Dakota once again. This was my second year hunting with Mike and the crew.

For me, it is not all about the harvest, although that is the goal, being in the outdoors watching these animals can give me the same enjoyment. I have seen larger, mature deer in the last two years hunting with Mike than I have ever seen before. We hunt fair chase, archery only. The pressure is very limited, and the habitat, food and bedding areas are truly in a sanctuary setting. Mike will start sending me trail cam pictures in August so I can see what the areas are holding, it is truly incredible. It really pumps you up.

With limited time on my hands, booking a week long hunt with South Dakota Archery is something that I look forward to all year long. They have great accommodations and you will make memories that last a lifetime.


Contact us online or call Mike at 605-380-8885